Lulu Cosplay (Final Fantasy X)

Hello everyone!

I promised you a post about my cosplay, so here it is!


I chose Lulu because I used to play Final Fantasy X and thought she was an amazing character. She was nice and acted like a mother/big sister towards Yuna. And the best part is that you first think she’s going to be evil because of her being a black mage and wearing all that hardcore stuff, but no, she’s the nicest lady you’ll ever meet. So, apart from her being awesome, her clothing is amazing as well. I really love the design of her character and dress, so it wasn’t a difficult choice to go for this cosplay. But, the wig was very heavy and it wasn’t easy to put the jewels in the bun( I had to ask my hairdresser for help!). Image

Due to me being not handy at all, I bought the dress and jewels. But It was a long search before I found the best (affordable) dress. I contacted a lot of companies to send me extra pictures, so that I could be certain of my purchase. I ordered mine at Joyfay in the end, and it is amazing. The quality is better than I expected and the service was amazing! The wig and jewels are from EBay, both high quality for the price as well.


Lulu wears purple make-up, so it was also a good search for the right colour. In the end, I found it at Hema: the perfect shade of purple! As for the eyeshadow, I combined Essence with MAC Cosmetics, for a full on purple look. Apparently, it made my eyes look just almost exactly as hers!


So this is a picture of Lulu herself. The dress is not exactly the same: the pattern is different on the dress i bought, and the colour of the belt aren’t always as correct. But seeing as what I paid for it wasn’t so shocking, I’m more than happy with it. if I wanted the exact same dress, I had to pay 5OO euros (!) for the dress alone, without shipping or taxes. I think I did a rather good job in looking like Lulu (and I’m not the only one, more below)!

ImageImageImageA lot of people asked my picture on the convention and I received so many copliments! Many said I really looked like Lulu and that it was an amazing cosplay. I was so glad to hear that, because as a matter of fact (despite not making it myself) I spent a lot of time on this cosplay. So you can imagine my happiness!

ImageHere I am with another Lulu! She made her costume herself, and it was so good!

ImagePosing with a lifesize TARDIS and my friend!

ImageAnd being happy. It was an awesome day!

Pictures are property of VPIX (Kenneth Vanmaele) and Aztek-TV

What do you think of my cosplay?

Stay awesome!

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